How To Disable Google Play Protect On Android devices

This May, at the Google I/O event, the company rolled out its Google Play Protect for அண்ட்ராய்டு devices with Google Play Services 11 and above. While you might think what Google Play Protect is, the new service is, it’s basically a revised and better version of Google’s “Verify App”.

So what does the Google Play Services offer? What it offers is a complete online and offline protection for your Android device. Yeah, you may think that the Android platform is completely safe, but you’ll be wrong. ஆம், it is hard to break into an Android but it is possible.

And recently there has been a burst in malicious activity on Android-powered phones. To curb this problem for all, Google rolled out the Google Play Protect Services. It provides with an all-around and online scan of the Apps that you download and a timely check of the pre-installed Apps on your phone.

Reading that you would realize that Google just took the first step into making Android an Operating System that is not open end. Which means that all the stuff that you want out of a phone, you can either customize it or make it yourself (in terms of Software). But with the Google Play Protect in place, installing Apps other than the ones on Google Play Services becomes cumbersome.

Why you would want to disable Google Play Protect?

If something is keeping your device and data safe, why switch it off? ஆம், Google Play Services keeps your phone safe but it also hampers a lot of your work and has its own drawbacks. It kills your device’s battery; it eats up your data, hampers with your work and more.

  • Charge

ஆம், the Google Play Services App provides good security of your phone but it’s an app that’s always on. What I mean is, it is an App that always works in the background hence it drains your phone’s battery

  • Data

Since it’s an App that’s always running in the background, it uses data. Yeah, the data it uses is not a lot, but if you are someone on a fixed charge pack, you know that each MegaByte of data counts.

  • 3rd Party Apps

For any App to be available on the Play Store, it has to go through a series of checks and meet a lot of criteria that Google puts up. But if you are a tech savvy person, you know you live mostly on 3rd party Apps and Apps that you download from sources other than the Play Store. But the thing with Google Play Services is that an App that is not registered with Google Play store is categorized as not trustworthy. And hence you won’t be able to install such Apps on your device.

  • Internet Browsing

So Google Play Services also protects you while you are browsing the internet using Google Chrome. This protection comes in a way that doesn’t let you browse pages and websites that it finds not trustworthy. You may not specifically be fond of the restriction that will be imposed with this feature of the Google Play Protect Services.

How to Disable the Google Play Protect Services?

Google Play Protect is a default enabled App for devices running on Google Play Services version 11 and above. To check your Google Play Services version, go to device Settings followed by apps, scroll down and locate Google Play Services. Tap it and just below the name “Google Play Services”, you will find a number. The number to the left of the first ‘.’ is the version of the App that your device works on. If you still can’t find it, just to the bottom and you should a section named ‘App Details’ where the version would be mentioned.

For devices that run on Android Marshmallow and below, the Google Play Protect is located under device Settings. There go to Google. Select Security. Click on Google Play Protect (or Verify Apps). That’s still not an easily discover-able area but on Android Nougat and above, Google Play Protect is also present in the Google Play Store. Just open Google Play Store and tap the Menu icon present at the top left corner to open the navigational drawer, followed by tapping “Play Protect”.

To turn Google Play Protect Off, follow the steps:

  1. Go to the device Settings, followed by Google.
  2. Scroll down and tap Security under Google Settings.
  3. Tap Google Play Protect. The feature may also be called Verify Apps.
  4. Turn “Scan device for security threats” on or off.

And that is how you can disable Google Play Protect on your Android to enjoy the Android experience you expected. A proper open end Operating System for Mobile phones and Tablets.