SMS spy deluxe to catch a cheating spouse

SMS spy deluxe to catch a cheating spouse

Last Updated on January 26, 2015 by iSpyoo

SMS spy deluxe to catch a cheating spouse

iSpyoo – SMS spy deluxe to catch a cheating spouse is 100% undetectable software designed to help you check the loyalty of your spouse and get rid of any doubts. You will finally get the evidence you need by secretly tracking their call history, text messages, photo&video galleries stored on their mobile device, web activities, and GPS locations. All the spy details about your spouse will be securely stored in your iSpyoo account and you will be able to view them from any web browser.
The iSpyoo – SMS spy deluxe to catch a cheating spouse is designed and tested to work on all major phone operating systems. These include: Android, iOS(including iOS6), BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile.
They have been tested on phones from the world’s leading manufacturers, including: Nokia, Motorola, LG, BlackBerry, Samsung, Apple, HTC, SonyEricsson.

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  • Manage Calls, SMS, Emails

Every phone call and SMS message is logged by iSpyoo. Even if your spouse deletes the discreditable information from the mobile device, you will still be able to view them. Moreover, this mobile tracker allows you to view emails delivered to and from the target phone. Also, you will get access to all contacts from the phone book of your spouse.

  • Track GPS Location

GPS location tracking feature of iSpyoo can help you find out whether your special someone lies to you about their whereabouts or not. You will be able to view the full details of the location history with all visited places shown on a convenient map.

  • Monitor Internet Activities

Check all URL website addresses visited by your spouse using the phone’s browser. You’ll be able to find out if your spouse has been viewing something forbidden or has been flirting with someone on social networking websites.

  • Remote Access

View the information about your spouse’s cell phone use remotely from any computer that has Internet access. Since Copy9 is 100% undetectable, your spouse will never find out about having this software installed on their handset.

  • Bugging

Do you feel like you’re being fooled? Do you need proof to back up your suspicions? Turn this software into a powerful bugging tool and listen to the recorded conversations or phone surroundings remotely.

  • View Multimedia Files

Check all the photos/videos from your spouse’s phone to see if they can give you a clue about any affairs on their side. If you find the photos/videos that prove your spouse did engage in sexual relations with another person, the cheater will have to admit the truth.

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This SMS spy deluxe is completely legal. Fill out the order form making sure all the information you provide is true and correct. Once the payment is made, check your email to see the confirmation link along with login details for your personal Control Panel.

2. Install and Setup

Download and install iSpyoo onto smartphone. Follow our installation and set-up guidelines that can be found in your Control Panel. This is the only time when you need the physical access to the target phone. iSpyoo is 100% undetectable and you will be able to view the phone deta ils captured by this software from any web browser.

3. Start Tracking

Start tracking cell phone activities within 5 minutes after successful installation. From that moment on you will be able to view phone call details, text messages, track location, and even listen to live cell phone conversations. The data about the target phone activities will be uploaded to a secure iSpyoo account that can be accessed by you any time you like.

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