How To Practice Install iSpyoo

How To Practice Install iSpyoo

How To Practice Install iSpyoo

Last Updated on September 27, 2020 by iSpyoo

It’s always a good idea to do a practice install on a phone you own before attempting to install iSpyoo on another’s phone or device.

As you ave a FREE trial, you can use that to do a practice install on your own phone.

You can have more than one iSpyoo free 48 trial but you should use another email address than the one that you want to use when you install it on your Target’s phone or device. You can have up to 5 practice installs or target installs before a red flag is raised against you. So, when you have some quite time on your own, then is the best try to do your install on your own phone. Just follow the instructions in the Spy Android Installation Guide menu at the top of the site. As they say – Practice Makes Perfect. When the time comes for you to install ispyoo on your target’s phone or device, you will have the confidence and know how of how it is done.

If you only have one email, you can set up another on by going to Gmail.

The same goes for Jailbreaking and Rooting. The best place to start is on YouTube.

If you are struggling then you can take any phone to a local Phone Repair Shop and ask them to do it. Also, there are some online services that do these for you and are 100% safe. The Links will be coming soon for the Jailbreak service and the ROOTING SERVICE IS HERE. We also have a Rooting Guide on this site.

Rooting is only needed for a few of the advanced features. You will not need to Root your Android until you upgrade to Premium or Gold Subscription

Don’t forget, with the FREE Trial, you only get the BASIC features. You will have to upgrade and subscribe with a Premium or Gold Account if you want to unlock the powerful tools.

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