How to download spy phone pro app for any smartphone?

How to download spy phone pro app for any smartphone?

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How to download spy phone pro app for any smartphone

How to download spy phone pro app for any smartphone?

Spy phone pro app is a comprehensive (and free) app for Android & Windows Phone that, once installed, remotely transmits information pertaining to the location (via GPS coordinates), incoming/outgoing calls, as well as messages of your device over the internet to the official iSpyoo website (link provided at the bottom of the review). The feature that distinguishes spy phone pro app from other similar phone tracking apps, is its ability to display each SMS with full text along with the phone numbers to/from which it has been sent/received. Similarly, a log of call records is also maintained, viewable on the website. This accounts for a pretty handy remote tracking mechanism, as you can secretly monitor selective (or all) activities taking place on any phone on which the app has been installed.

To start using the app and monitor the transmitted data on the website, you must login with iSpyoo account on both sides. Setting up a new account is free, and can be done from within the app or from the said web portal.

Once logged in, you’re taken to another screen that carries your exclusive iSpyoo user ID, as well as your password that can be changed upon request. On the same screen, you get all the aforementioned toggles for your calls, messages and location that can be enabled/disabled as desired. You also have a couple of additional options such as Tracking frequency and Detect location for (duration) to specify the various tracking settings in terms of time. Once done with all the configurations, just tap Save & Start. Each time you wish to review the app’s settings, you must feed in the correct password.

Needless to say, GPS must be enabled on your device to let the app send your location coordinates over to the website. Each tracked location can be opened on map using the widely-renowned Google Maps service.

With your device configured, all you need to do is login with iSpyoo through their website using your credentials, and start tracking all the details remotely.

A big caveat of using spy phone pro app, despite the fact that it requires password-fed access to its interface, is that it can easily be uninstalled from any device without requiring any authentication from the user (obviously, unless you’ve secured your device using a PIN, pattern, password et al), hence putting into question the app’s reliability and effectiveness.

In the end, it’s up to you to give the final verdict, so go ahead and give it a try.

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