Could i download gps spy control to track my husband's iPhone?

Could i download gps spy control to track my husband's iPhone?

Last Updated on September 8, 2020 by iSpyoo

Could i download gps spy control to track my husband's iPhone

Could i download gps spy control to track my husband’s iPhone? Yes, easy with iSpyoo app. 

Turn your phone into a spy phone!

GPS spy control will send you every day when you indicate an email report with all activity of the phone in a silent and discret way.


  • You can use this tool to protect your children and family members. You can control you child does not have bad company, avoid the use of inadequately chats or visit dangerous sites and if the phone has GPS enabled you will know the daily location of the phone.
  • If you are a married and you want to control each other for safety this is the perfect application. If you lose your phone you know who is using it and have the information necessary to retrieve it.
  • If you are a company you can control the use of mobile phones and know how your employees use it and so offer better service to your customers. You have full control.

GPS spy control allows you:

  • Read all SMS messages (received and written)
  • Access the log call (received, dialed and missed calls) with detailed information
  • Read log the websites visited
  • Find out the location daily and all the places visited (detailed view on Google Maps)

There are different spy applications in the Market but none as effective as this. Other applications require connecting to the internet with a computer but our application will send the information directly to your email.

The paid version GPS spy control has a protection system that prevents the application to be uninstalled from the ‘Application Manager’ and then you can be sure will always be running.


1. To reconfigure the application must open the phone dialer and perform the following procedure: dial #* followed by your PIN code and press the call key.

2. Some mail servers may consider the control reports as spam and sent to the Spam folder.

3. When installing the application appears on the application menu (Launcher) with the name of ‘Parental Control’

4. Once activated after configuring the application, the icon should disappear from the Application menu (Launcher), however the icon really disappears when the Launcher is rebooted, function that occurs on some phones when you press the home button or until the phone is restarted.

5. To be able to get the location of the phone is essential that the phone is GPS enabled. Please go to the application menu and select the ‘Settings’, select ‘Location and security ‘and finally check ‘Using GPS satellites’ and’ Use wireless networks” is enabled.

6. This gps spy control application should only be installed by the owner of the mobile, we are not responsible for the malicious use of the application.

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