iSpyoo Legal Disclaimer:


ispyoo legal disclaimer 


iSpyoo Legal Disclaimer is below. Please refer to it as and when necessary:

‘iSpyoo’ refers to the app, the website and the members area dashboard.

‘Customers’, ‘Users’, ‘People’ etc, refers to anyone that has downloaded the free trial and / or continue to subsribe to the service.

iSpyoo takes no reposibility for its use by people who use it in any capacity.

The Laws of the Country or State apply to the usage of ispyoo and ispyoo will not be held accountable for its missuse.

iSpyoo has been developed with the intention of keeping children safe and employers watching their workforce.

Most Country’s laws dictate that you should own any phone or device that you install any App on. Either that, or get permission to do so.

Any suggestions for use, implied or otherwise, are for Countries that do not have any regulation to the use of spyware.

It is up to the user to check their local laws to see if they may or may not be breaking the law.

If the user decides to break the law, iSpyoo take NO resposibility for that.

To show good faith and to demontrate that the app is meant to be used for safety reasons, ispyoo will allow the tracking function to continue working whether they decide to go ahead and purchase subsription to the app.

iSpyoo has been developed in good faith for legal usage to protect children or vulnerable adults that do not have capacity* as well as protecting employers against theft, fraud, misuse of company property.

*Capacity refers (in the Unite Kingdom) to the mental capacity act of 2005. Please refer to your local country or state for the equivelent. You can do this by entering ‘capacity’ followed by the name of your Country or State in a Search Engine, for instamce Google.

If you have any doubts about the legality of using the app, please seek independent legal advice.

Just to reiterate, iSpyoo can not and will not take any resposibility for its usage.

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