Introducing the iSpyoo Relaunch by Daniel Knights, an Authotity Figure in the Spy App World. The old site got ran into the ground after being negleted for a year or so by its former owner who had been going through some personal and family issues. I am going to get the site and the product up and running again with the 2018 iSpyoo Relaunch. If you were a customer before, I hope you like the new feel and design of the new website. The App / Apk is very new too. With version 8.11 out now, hopefully, the development team have ironed out any problems, but if you do come across any, please feel free to leave a comment below I’m also going to improve on support. Working in G.MT hours during the winter half of the year and GMT+1 in the summer half of the year. You should hopefully be able to get hold of me via chat or phone and I hope to resolve emails and tickets the same day or at least within a 24 hour time frame. Please be patient at first as I will still be working on the site. iSpyoo is a robust and fantastic Spy App packed full of features that even the more costly spy apps don’t provide. The prices have been reduced, but they may go up a little in the months to come, in the meanwhile, check out the prices HERE If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, please go to the Affiliate link in the footer of the main site. You could make money by selling iSpyoo. If you are interested in Affiliate marketing, but don’t know what it is, then Contact Me and I will help you get started. Basically, you will get a commission for any sales that you make. However, you can’t use your own affiliate link to buy your own subscription. Well here’s to a successful 2018 and beyond!!!!