Q - Will the target know they are being monitored?
A – NO! Not unless you want them to. Most people hide the icon when they do the installation. However, if you want to remind your kids or employees that they are being monitored, you may wish to leave the icon on.
Q - Can iSpyoo be installed Remotely?
A – NO! – Apps that claim that they can be installed remotely can’t be. Read the fine print and you should see ‘physical access to the device is needed to install this App’. We do not claim iSpyoo can be installed remotely. You will need to have the phone / device in your hand for a couple of minutes
If I have an iPhone, does it have to be Jailbroken?
A – YES, it does. Jailbreaking allows non Apple Apps to be installed on to your iPone, iPad, iPod etc. It also let’s you get many paid apps for free. If you don’t know how to Jailbreak your iDevice, then head to YouTube
Does my Android need to be Rooted?
A – In most cases no, however for certain features in the Premium and Gold memberships, you may need to Root your Device. A guide to Rooting is on this Site HERE
Can I monitor the target phone from my phone or tablet?
A – YES – You can monitor the target phone/s from any device as long as you have an internet connection.
How many phones / Devices can I monitor with one subscription?
A – 3! You could perhaps monitor 2 phones and one tablet. It’s up to you.
Q - How do I extend my subscription?
A – You can do this from your dashboard
If you have anymore questions, please contact us