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Protect Your Family

In todays modern world, there are manydangers on and offline. As a parent, you can monitor your children’s activity by reading┬átheir texts, viewing their photos and videos. Are they looking at adult content, are they talking to innapropriate people? There’s also the issue of drugs and other offline dangers. See the list of features that you can implement to protect your loved ones!

Check Your Employees

What are your employees doing? Are they taking you for a ride? Are they stealing from you? Do you want to know where they are? They could be wasting time and money by using your work issued phone to make long personal calls instead of working. You are paying for them and it’s you right to know what they are doing and where they are. Take control!

Cheating Partners

It’s a sad fact of life that people cheat on their loved ones It is estemated that 30% to 60% of people cheat on their partners at some point. Reference: Click the textanywhere HERE. It is an awful experience having doubts about your relationship. Find out the truth and whether it is good or bad news, you can act on it or have your mind put to rest. Control your own destiny!.

It is BEST to download from Target Device!


With ispyoo, you can see where the target device is. As long as it is connected to the internet via wifi or cellular data. If not, the dashboard will show the last location of it when the signal was dropped. This is an excellent feature to see where the person is!

Read Cotacts


See the contacts page of the decice. Once again, even deleted contacts will be visable to you through your control panel. You will be able to see the names and numbers that are or have been stored on the device. You will always be able to see who they are talking to.


All phone numbers that come in or go out are recorded on the dashboard. Even if the number/s are deleted, you will still be able to see them. People may think they are being crafty by deleting them, but you will be in full control, you will always be able to see ALL activity.

Ambient Listening


Use their phone as a BUG!! This is for Gold Subscribers only. However, if you have this feature, you will be like James Bond, being able to listen in at any time by secretly activating the phone’s microphone and hearing everything which is being said all around!


You will be able to see all the text / SMS activity. Whether they are coming in or going out, you will be able to see them all. Again, if they are deleted, you will still be able to see them as they will always be recorded on to the dashboard for you to see at your convenience.


Having complete freedom to view all of the photos and videos can be very important. For children, make sure they are not making the mistake of taking innapropriate images. The same goes for partners. Even deleted ones will be able to be viewed by you!

record calls


This feature only comes with the gold package and it does what it says, it records all calls in and out of the phone (even if they are made with a VOIP app like WhatsApp). Like all features with ispyoo, this is completely invisable and the target will never know they are monitored.

the best spy app


With iSpyoo, you can read the persons notes again, even if they have been deleted. This is really useful for monitoring what people are doing. Could they be writing Poems? Get a glimse into what’s going on with their lives by being able to read their Notes.


Social Media is becoming the biggest change in communications since the begining of the internet. Love it or hate it, most people are on some kind of Social Media these days. WhatsApp is a very popular medium as it allows free calls and texts. You’ll be able to see it all!

email spy


A lot of clandestine communications are done via emails. Once again you can monitor the emails that come in and go out. Deleting them will not hide them from you as they will ALL be recorded on to your dashboard / Control Panel. You will see them all!

Web Spy

World Wide Web

See what your loved ones or employees are doing on the web. There is a lot of bad things on the web especially innapropriate matter for children. With a complete history of all sites visited, you will be able to make sure that they are not viewing things they shouldn’t.

Social Media Spy

Social Media

With so many types of Social Media these days, what with Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram to name but a few, you will be able to monitor your loved ones or employees to see what they are getting up to. Who are they talking to? What are they talking about?

Practice Install

Practice Install

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